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When traditional retailing took a big leap forward and became online - it, regrettably, left customer support behind. The first idea that in the 'self-help' world of e-commerce, customers will not require to contact retailers for support has proved itself wrong. The demand for online customer support is increasing by the day, obvious from the expensive--to-maintain 800 numbers that show on almost all retail web sites - which serve to increase the total cost of ownership of your online business.

Retail has gone online but customer support has gone back to the age of telephone, creating the online course slow and cumbersome for consumers that are looking for a quick shop. Instead of going a step forward, online retail and buying is going backwards. The solution to this is Online Chatting on your website, through trained Online Chatting. It means instant online help on the website to resolve and fix most of the issues customers face. With enough training, Online Chatting on a website can even tackle queries of a high level of difficulty - providing useful online help. A package that provides Online Chatting Solutions for customer service, providing you with trained Live Operators as well as the Online Chatting will reduce the total cost of ownership for you.

With our fully customizable training, instead of having our Online Chatting for customer service only, you can train them for online technical support - and as many other areas as you require. This way, our Online Chatting will be trained to provide complete customer support, not having to give out phone numbers and email addresses which only serve to make the process longer - and, in many cases, irritate an online buyer wanting a quick solution.


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