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Live Support is there to create your customers content with the service their getting. No matter what you sell or the type of service that you give, Live Support is required, because there will always be customers seeking help. Even if you have a wide knowledge base, he or she, may not be able to look around and find the necessary information, and they will need to speak with your live personnel. Especially if you are in the e-commerce business, Live Support is an absolute must.

The real question is how you can offer customer service as part of your online experience. Well, it's in fact easier than what you probably imagine. There are numerous significant aspects of Online Customer Service Software - Live Chat, Order Tracking, Support Tickets, and Phone Support.

Live Support is indeed the best choice after phone support. The great thing about Live Support is that there are no expenses connected with it, besides paying the support team, but you do that anyway. This is a serious benefit compared to phone support where you would have to give customers with a toll-free number and pay the bills. With Live Support, users can login with just a username and have their questions answered live by a tech person. Good thing is that they can receive direct links to certain pages that will be of interest to them and their respective problems. And let's not forget that with Live Support, the give tech person you are paying can service more than one customer at a time, by chatting with every user in a divide window, something that's impossible with phone support.

If you are selling a product online, then a major part of your Live Support must be Order Tracking. Most of the inquiries you will get from customers will be in regards to the status of their order, if it's developmental or not. With automated order tracking, you will save a lot of time and gain the ability to manage the more pressing aspects of your business.

Live Support is also very significant. Every now and then, you will have customers with some more serious problems that your tech staff will be unable to handle. In such states, members of the support team are trained to write a virtual ticket increasing the problem to the given department within your organization that can solve it.


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