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Creative Live Chat is web-based live chat software that helps small-to-midsized businesses increase online sales and customer satisfaction and decrease operating costs.
More significantly, it can increase the chances of your business to succeed by giving you a thorough understanding of your market and your marketing campaigns.

Live Chat Marketing & Research Features

Live Chat IndiaLive Chat can increase your online sales and get better your customer service with practical chat and live help. It can even handle email management and help you talk directly with a visitor through click-to-talk.

Live Chat IndiaLive Chat also gives you real-time demographic information about your visitors and the keyword phrases and/or referring sites that drove them to your site.

Live Chat IndiaLive Chat Operator Console lets you monitor your website visitors in real-time from a sales-centric or content optimization point-of-view but also from a marketer's viewpoint.

Live Chat IndiaLive Chat Operator Console provides real-time insight into which marketing campaigns are driving those visitors presently browsing on your site.

Live Chat IndiaVisitors are originally grouped by the campaign that brought them to your site.
For example, some visitors go through search engines like Google. Campaigns on Google can include organic (also known as natural) keyword search or paid search (also known as CPC or Cost-Per-Click via Google AdWords).

Live Chat Operator Console gives the following details:

    Live Chat India Campaign Medium - paid search engine, natural keyword results (organic), email campaign, etc. that brought in the visitor.
    Live Chat India Campaign Source - the visitor's origin, including CPC providers like Google or the referring URL of the source website.
    Live Chat India Search Keywords - the keywords that the visitor used to find your website, including the CPC provider for CPC campaigns.
    Live Chat India Creative - description of the version of the ad your visitor clicked on.
    Live Chat India Name - the name of the specific promotion that lured the visitor to you.

Meanwhile, Live Chat Live Analytics helps you examine which campaigns, and the visitors they bring in, are best suited to your site.
Using this information, you can prioritize who your best forecast are and engage them accordingly.
You can efficiently and effectively optimize your marketing campaigns on the fly.

Live Chat for Product Research & Development

In addition, Live Chat can be used as a solid research tool for your present goods and finding which goods you force want to add to your inventory. This comprises complementary goods and accessories you can cross-sell and up-sell to your visitors.

By using Live Keyword, you can track the keywords your visitors used to find your site. You can then easily recognize which goods they are looking for on your site. Whether it is in your list or not, the correlations you can make from this information is indispensable.

Goods and even services (such as warranties) that might not be clear to you, but are nonetheless important to your customers, can be spotted by evaluating trends. These trends show you what keywords your visitors are using to find you.

As a result, you will make better marketing decisions based on this secrecy customer feedback.


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